Will You Have Healthy Foods Or Instant Foods?


  • Food

Our body is like a machine, which every part are ready to function. To activate these body parts, we need energy. We get energy through the food we consume. Food is any substance that consumed by an organism to get energy. Man can get food items from plants, animals, etc…

  • What is a balanced diet?

To maintain a healthy life we must have a balanced diet. A meal that contains different kinds of foods with various nutritional values is called a balanced diet. There are five nutrients in a balanced diet. They are Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, and Fat.

  • Benefits of the nutrients in a balanced diet.

The growth of the body, muscles, bones and other organs depends on the nutrients of foods that we consume.
Carbohydrates give us the energy to do our daily activities. They store energy, build macromolecules, and spare protein and fat for other uses. We can get carbohydrates from bread, grains, starchy vegetables, fruits, etc…
Our body uses protein to build muscles. And it reduces appetite and hunger levels. And also protein helps to maintain weight loss. Good for your bones lowers your blood pressure. Some protein-rich foods are eggs, milk, yogurts, meat fish, etc…
Fat helps to supply energy to our body and support cell growth. It also helps to protect our organs and helps to keep our bodies warm. Fats help to absorb some nutrients and produce important hormones too. So fat is an essential nutrient for our body. We can get fats from cheese, dark chocolates, avocados, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, etc….
Minerals are good for our bones and teeth. It also helps for our body growth. Some minerals are used to make hormones or maintain a normal heartbeat. Some mineral-rich foods are nuts and seeds, beans, cocoa, sprats, etc….
Vitamins can fight against diseases. They help to strengthen bones and heal wounds. Vitamins also convert foods into energy and repair cellular damage. We can gain vitamins from vegetables, fruits, etc.
In addition, we should drink a sufficient amount of water per day. It helps to maintain good health.
We must take all these nutrients in the correct proportion. It depends on the ages and their duties. Taking too much sugar is bad for our teeth and also it causes diabetes and obesity. We should eat them sparingly.

  • Instant foods.

It is advisable to take fresh and homemade food. When we cook we must do it without harming the nutritional value of the food.

Modern society is so busy and lazy. They seek instant food items to fill their stomach. They don’t have any nutritional value. Instant food can be defined as, foods that provide convenience to consumers and also it reduces the time of cooking. The media with their fabulous advertisements attract children and young for these harmful food items. This habit will lead to various health problems such as heart diseases diabetes, cancers, etc…..

  • How to avoid instant foods.

To avoid instant food items, we can store healthy foods in our homes like fruits, vegetables, nuts, oilseeds, etc…..we can grow vegetables and fruits in our home garden. so then, we can have fresh and healthy foods. Further, we can check food labels before buying food items. Avoiding instant foods will helpful for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Benefits of taking a balanced diet.

It is necessary to have a balanced diet to spend a healthy life. Following are some benefits that we can get by having a balanced diet.
1. Helps to keep the body and mind healthy.
2. Helps to avoid diseases.
3. Helps to maintain healthy body weight.
4. Provide energy.
5. Allow better sleep.
6. Improve brain function.
7. Strengthen bones and teeth.
8. Improve memory and brain health etc…

Let’s have a balanced diet and stay healthy.

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