Caring The Environment Is Sharing A Bright Future.


For the survival of man and the world, it is a must to be an eco-friendly person.

  • What is the environment?

The environment is the surrounding around us. It plays a major role in the existence of life on earth.

  • Main components of the environment.

The main elements of the environment are the atmosphere( air), lithosphere (soil) hydrosphere( water), and the living components (biosphere). Further, forests, mountains, rocks, soil, waterfalls, sea, rivers, air, wildlife, etc. They are some gift of nature.

  • How environment helps us 

Our environment provides us great benefits. Mainly food, breathe, water, etc…Trees are the main protector of the earth. They protect us by providing oxygen by the process of photosynthesis. And also trees help to conserve water, reducing soil erosion, and helping to the existence of wildlife. They supply us with shelter and firewood too. Therefore we should not cut down trees. If we have to cut one tree for an essential purpose; we should plant ten trees for that. People should encourage planting more trees.

Oceans are another valuable natural resource of earth. People use ocean routes for trade transportation. It also provides us food, mainly fish and salt. And also they beautify the environment. People used to their holidays near a beach for leisure activities such as swimming, sailing, and diving, etc…

Another eye-catching component of our environment is waterfalls. Starting from a small water spring, water flows like a stream and suddenly it falls vertically over rocks. That is how waterfalls create. They help to beautify the environment. The soothing sights and the sound helps to relax our minds.

Rivers are another massive part of the environment. They help us in irrigational activities. People used to use rivers as a way to transport and also they are a source of power generation.

Animals are another main part of the environment. They beautify the environment. Some species like bees help in plant reproduction, so then we can get a big harvest. Most of the people used to keep pets in their homes. So then they can decrease their loneliness.

Mountains and rocks are like guardians. They give beautiful scenery. Climbers and tourists enjoy their lives by hiking. Farmers graze their animals on them.

Soil is a mixture of tiny rocks, minerals, water, and air. And also it has living things and non-living things on it. Soil bears trees and supplies water and nutrients for them.

We breathe air. So it is a great component of the environment for the existence of living beings. It is an energy supplier too.

These are some main elements of our environment.

  • How a man treats the environment.

Where there is a man, there is pollution. People make many changes in the environment to make their lives better. It causes environmental pollution. If man continues this, the world will vanish.

Man cut down trees for their activities such as agricultural purposes urbanization and for construction activities. As a result of deforestation, it affects badly for the bio-diversity and the climate.

Marine pollution is a great matter in now day’s. People throw polythene, plastic, garbage to the beaches. They are badly affected to the marine species. Some animals like turtles used to eat polythene bags as they think they are jellyfishes because they are the favorite food of them. Also, some waste excess, oil from ships are added to the sea. They spread all over the sea and it badly tortures to marine species. Some fishermen used to catch fish using various unnecessary ways. As a result of that, eggs, coral reefs vanish.

When people are traveling, they used to rest near beautiful places like waterfalls. They have their meals there. After that, they throw away their waste polythene, plastics, etc….to the surrounding. so then the environment is polluted.

Factories send their waste to waterways such as rivers. It heavily affected the aquatic ecosystems. And also cause many diseases. People construct buildings crossing rivers and near river banks. So then, after floods occur it is very harmful.

Man destroys mountains by cutting down trees. As a result of that soil erosion occurs. Finally, landslides may threaten human life.

Humans destroy the habitats of wild animals. It is a great threat to the breeding of wildlife. Man used to hunt wild animals. As a result of these inhuman activities of man, many species of animals’ names are added to the red data book.

Air is also polluted by man in many ways such as industrial emission, by transportation; open burning of garbage waste, etc. As a result of air pollution, heart diseases, lung cancers may threaten to human lives.

  • How to be an eco-friendly person.

To protect our environment, man should be an eco-friendly person. Everyone should work together to protect our nature.

Reducing transportation will help to make an eco-friendly environment. Carpooling is a good idea for that. Also, people can use public transportation. Man can use a bicycle or a walk if they are traveling to a short distance. It may help to stay healthy too.

It is necessary to get used to cloth bags, instead of polythene bags. Reusing and recycling polythene, plastic and waste are some other ways to keep a pleasant environment. We can also make compost fertilizer from the garbage and use them as a natural fertilizer for our crops. So we can have healthy foods too.

Humans should not pollute water. Factories should manage their waste .without sending them to waterways. We should not throw garbage, polythene into waterways.

Consuming electricity is another way to be eco-friendly. We can use solar power for our use. Creating less waste, planting more trees, conserving water, stop food waste, using less fossil fuel, reducing the use of harmful chemicals, stop littering are some other ways to be an eco-friendly human.

However, everyone should get together to make eco-friendly environment to keep our nature beautifully. If we look after our environment, it will look after us too. Caring nature is sharing a bright future.

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