Travel Broadens The Mind


“The world is a book and those who don’t travel, only read one page “.Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations. Travel means discovery. By traveling, we can discover unknown places and facts.

History of travel.

The word “travel” was originated from the old French word “travail”. The beginning of travel was started by ancient wealthy Greeks and Romans, where they were traveling for leisure. In ancient eras, waterways were mostly used than land travel. Traveling by water often provided more comfort and speed than land travel. The advent of railways was in the 19th century. People used to use railways too. Airships and airplanes took a massive role in long-distance. travel in the 20th century.

 Modes of travel.

A person can travel, locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. For the above types of travel, man can use any mode of transport such as foot, one’s own vehicle, bus, train, boat, plane, etc. In some countries, internal travel may require an internal passport, while international travel requires a passport and visa.


Purpose of traveling. 

A person can travel for the following reasons.

  1. Tourism
  2. Vacationing
  3. Research travel.
  4. Recreation.
  5. Gathering of information
  6. Pilgrimages.
  7. Charity activities.
  8. Business travel.
  9. Trade.
  10. Employment etc. 

People travel for tourism. Tourism means traveling and staying in outside places far from their usual places for leisure, business, or other purposes not more than one year. Tourism is helpful for the economies of countries. It strengthens the country’s economy, creates thousands of jobs, develops the infrastructure of the country, etc…

People travel for vacationing too. Vacationing means a leave of absence from a regular job or a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. Vacations are often spent with friends or family. People relax their minds by vacationing.
People also travel for researches. Some people such as scientists, explorers, lecturers, etc…travel for exploration. There, they find new things and get work experience too.
Man travel for recreation. Recreational activities are often done for pleasure and enjoyment. It refreshes one’s mind and body too.
Many people used to travel for pilgrimages. It is a journey of worshipping religious places. Many people of all faiths make pilgrimages.
Many organizations travel from one country to another for charity activities. Charity means giving someone, something they need but can’t get for themselves. So volunteers donate foods, clothes, etc…for poor people, stationery items for pupils.
Business travel is travel undertaken for work or business purposes. By that, they maintain employee motivation and loyalty to the company, promoting the attainment of sales objectives, maintaining relationships with business partners, etc….

People travel or trade activities also. Many companies exchange their goods and services across international borders.
Many people travel for employment. From that they earn money. Not only that they meet new friends, learn new things, new culture, etc.

Motives of travel. 

By traveling we can experience other countries. Travel is a mind opener. When we travel to different places and different countries, we can learn new things about other lifestyles, their cultures, the food they eat and different customs during our stay.
Traveling relaxes our mind and brings a lot of enjoyment and pleasure. It lets us admire beautiful landscapes. That gives us a new view of creation and humanity.
We meet different people while traveling. When we talk to them, share food items and different customs, etc…..People can learn to respect other’s ideas and learn to live with others in peace and harmony. It builds interpersonal relationships.
Travelling gives us unforgettable experiences. The adventures we face while traveling will give us lifelong impressions. It helps to lead a happy life. So what we are waiting for do something different. Let us pack our luggage and get ready for a new journey.

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