Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage


What is love?

Love is a thing that needs for every human being in the world. Love is a complex topic. It is a mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, trust, and respect for another person. It is a willingness to prioritize another’s well–being or happiness above your own. Love is an emotion that keeps people bonded and committed to one another.

How can you really love someone?

  • Listen to him/her.
  • Notice what they need.
  • Physical affection.
  • Stays will him/her when they are in a trouble.
  • Express interest.
  • Stay time with loved ones.
  • Do them favor
  • Surprise them by giving a small gift.
  • Do not break the trust.
  • Respect them.
  • Note special dates.

The above mentioned are some ways to love your partner.
Generally, there are two types of marriages. They are love marriage and arranged marriages. Arranged marriage happens when a boy or a girl agrees to marry a person chosen by their parents or society. On the other hand, when a person chose to marry a person whom he/she loves from the heart and knows that they can’t live without each other. Families may or may not be involved in love a lot of people stand in favor of love marriages. Let’s see which one is better.

What is love marriage?

Many people choose their life partners after loving each other. They promise to live with them until death. Love marriage is a bond that is driven solely by the couple, with or without the consent of their parents. In love marriages, there is a better understanding of each other. By associating the partner for years, he or she can understand others’ likes and dislikes. So there are less conflicts.

Following are some advantages of doing love marriage.

  • Freedom to choose the partner of your choice.
  • Promotes happiness.
  • The bond lasts forever.
  • Least involvement of the families and parent satisfaction.
  • Better understanding
  • You know your spouse well.
  • Self – satisfaction.
  • Trust on the partner.
  • Maturity in the relationship.
  • No hesitation.

According to people of young age, there are lots of benefit of doing love marriage. Love is a thing that cannot be done forcefully. If a person does love marriage, he/she can spend life with a well-known person. They know their likes and dislikes very well. So there are less conflicts among them. Also, it brings great pleasure in living with the person who loves. It promotes happiness. So if you are doing a love marriage, then there is a100% guarantee that there is love between you and your partner.

When doing a love marriage, there is a strong bond between the couple. They understand each other. The bond lasts forever.

When doing a love marriage, parents understand that their son/daughter is going to marry the person he/she loves most. It means children will enjoy a happy married life. So both parents are satisfied because their children are happy with their married life. And there is the least involvement of the parents too.

When doing a love marriage, we know the person that we are going to marry, for a long time. So there is a better understanding of other‘s feelings, likes, and dislikes well. This will helpful to carry a lifelong relationship. Further, if we do love marriage, then you have a self-satisfaction in your mind that you are marrying the person who you like and love. You are lucky. It brings mental satisfaction too.

When doing a love marriage, there is trust in each other. They know all the positive and negative points of each other. So there remains trust in a relationship. In a love marriage, there is no shame between the couple, as they know each other and their lifestyle.
No hesitation.

So, If you do love marriage, then it means you know each other very well and there is a better understanding between you and your partner. Nothing is hidden. The bond lasts forever. So there are fewer chances of failure of love marriage. Actually, there are more chances of success of love marriages as you know everything about your life partner.

What is arranged marriage?

An arranged marriage is a marriage in which the spouses are chosen for each other by their parents or society. The match could be selected by a matchmaking agent, marriage websites, or trusted third party. Mostly, trusted relatives and well-known family friends play a major role in matchmaking.

Advantages of arranged marriages.

The entire responsibility of the marriage is undertaken by the parents.
The family, relations, and friends accept the marriage.
In-laws adjustment is better in the case of an arranged marriage.
Sharing values and traditions means there is one less obstacle.
You can know what you want in a partner without the pain of past relationships.
The above mentioned are some advantages of arranged marriages. Further, there are disadvantages too.
Potential higher divorce rates.
People may be quite unhappy.
Family problems.
Spouses may not trust each other.
Mental issues.

In an arranged marriage, even though it is arranged by parents or society, the couple must have to live together. So, when doing an arranged marriage, it is very important to find out the most matching person. Otherwise, conflicts may occur in the married life during the lifetime.

Depending upon whether you have made the right decision or the wrong one, your marriage life can make or spoil your life. So it is in your hand to find out your life partner wilfully.

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