“Man is a social animal” Relationships make him convivial without isolation.


What are relationships?

Relationships can be defined as the connections we share with other people. Throughout our lives, we build up many different kinds of relationships with many people.

05 types of relationships that we form in our life time.

  • With parents
  • With siblings
  • With a life partner
  • With friends
  • With the community

Now let’s see what are these relationships and how they affect to our lives.

01 Relationship with our parents.

From the moment we are born, we form very close and loving relationships with our mothers and fathers. This is the first and closest relationship we make from the beginning of the life. A secure bond with parents helps to encourage a child’s cognitive emotional and social development.

How to build-up relationship with your parents.

  • Discuss your life matters with parents
  • Share mutual interests
  • Treat your parents as adults

02 Relationship with siblings.

We also have very close relationships with other family members like our brothers and sister. They play a unique role in one another’s lives that simulates the companionship of parents.

Siblings’ relationship is more important for our lives. Their bond and closeness in age may be more likely to tell their siblings, what they might not tell their parents. Also children learn social skills. Mainly in managing conflicts form negotiating with siblings.

05 ways to enhance stronger relationship with siblings.

  • Play together
  • Spend family vacations
  • Avoid comparisons
  • Don‘t involve in battles
  • Work together when doing house-hold chores

03 Relationship with a life partner.

Another very special relationship is shared between a life partners. That may be a girlfriend and a boyfriend or a husband and wife.

According to some cultures, this is described as falling in love. According to such cultures, one must be in love in order to marry. According to some other cultures, however marriage can precede love.

Following are some features of a good life partner.

  • A good life partner always supports you.
  • They trust you.
  • They never put you down.
  • Share life with each other.
  • Always honest with each other.

05 Ways to strengthen the bond with our love.

  • Respect each other.
  • Trust on one other.
  • Help each other throughout the life as well as for day to day activities.
  • A better care, love and affection.
  • Listen to other’s ideas.

04 Relationship with friends.

We continue to form new relationships throughout our lives. The close bonds we share with our friends can be formed as children, as teenagers or as adults.

Friends bring more happiness into our lives. Friendships have a huge impact on our mental health and happiness.

05 things that a good friendship gives us.

  • Good friendship relieve stress.
  • They provide comfort and joy.
  • Friends prevent us from lone lines and isolation.
  • They be with us in our problems.
  • They will always be honest with you.

05 Relationship with the community.

There are relationships that are not very close. We have such relationships too in our lives.

These type of relations are not always close. As an example, our relationship with some of our teachers are not friendly. They are quiet formal. They are usually based on respect or fear.
Also an employee has a loyalty against his or her employer. We met these kinds of relationships when we enter to the world of work.

Further, people make relationships with the neighbors and also with the villagers. They want each other when we are in trouble; the first one that come to our help is our neighbor. So we must live with them harmony we must live unity with our villagers. So them we can develop our village too.

Effects of relationships .

There are good relationships as well as bad relationships which can have a good or bad effect on us. Relationships can be positive or negative. Positive relationships can be very loving and nurturing. In such relationships, we care for each other.

It is a blessing to have good relationships in our lives.

05 benefits that we get from a positive/good relationships.

  • A good relationship can help us to live longer and happier.
  • It reduces stress and increases a good mental health.
  • Being happy with good relationships stronger our immunity system.
  • It can make you feel less pain.
  • Having positive relationship help you to heal faster.

On the other hand, we might form negative relationships too.

05 effects of negative relationships.

  • Being with negative relationship can damage our self-esteem.
  • A bad relationship can make depression and greater stress and ill you.
  • A negative relationship is taking place, we feel heart broken and we can see the very opposite.
  • There will be more conflicts with each other as there is no a better understanding.
  • Having bad or negative relationships may discourage you in the development of your life.

Being with someone who disrespect , hurt us or always criticize us, can be bad for us. So it is our duty to choose only positive or good relationships for our lives.

Relationship can grow very quickly or very slowly. They can also change some may be close or distant, new or old, positive or negative. They are natural part of our lives.

As Aristotle said, “ man is a social animal”, human beings can’t live alone. It is quiet difficult for humans to live in isolation . Therefore, we all need to make connections with each other.

But we must be careful to not to choose negative relationships. It is better being isolating without having negative or bad relationships. So it is up to you to select right relationships.

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